Julian Brodsky: The Creation of Comcast

Julian Brodsky: The Creation of Comcast

Julian Brodsky is the original CFO of Comcast, and a Philadelphia native. He and Daniel Aaron were the partners of Comcast Founder Ralph Roberts, and the three began the company in 1963 with the mission of providing cable television to towns who didn't receive antenna reception.

Now, Comcast is the biggest company in Philly, and is ranked 32nd on the Fortune 500 list of the biggest U.S. corporations. The company provides phone, internet, and cable TV services to millions, it owns NBCUniversal, Dreamworks, and SKY, as well as the Flyers and the Wells Fargo Center, and soon it will also have its own streaming service. Even in person, Comcast towers over the rest of Philadelphia, as its HQ campus includes the Comcast Center and the Comcast Technology Center, the two largest buildings in Pennsylvania.

In the beginning, though, the company mainly provided TV to customers in rural Mississippi who couldn't get television any other way. Julian tells the story of how he, Ralph, and Dan went from these humble beginnings to building one of the most influential companies the world.


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