Nicole Purvy: How She Became Better Than Success

Nicole Purvy: How She Became Better Than Success

Nicole Purvy is the founder of Better Than Success, a multi-faceted business which includes a digital marketing agency, a real estate investment league, and a podcast. She’s also the founder of Philly Real Estate Week, an annual citywide summit that celebrates real estate planning, development, and wealth building. Before founding Better Than Success, Nicole was a rising star investment banker. But she felt restless in the corporate world, and when she started a YouTube channel making financial education videos, she got fired. 

In this episode you’ll hear how she would spend a decade bouncing between different careers and businesses, and while each one found success, she would finally find her true calling in building a community around real estate through the Better Than Success Real Estate League.

And, you’ll hear how, even though she grew up in Philly, at first she swore off of living here. But eventually, she’d come back, and find it to be exactly what she wanted.


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