Philly but for everyone

Not just for Philadelphians. Just an awesome profile podcast, I’ve only visited Philly a few times before but love hearing who was raised by the city.

Fantastic content for Philly and beyond

Love this podcast! Important, intelligent, entertaining conversations and stellar production.

Not a Philly native...

But I love hearing these stories and learning about this awesome city

Always looking forward to the next episode

A few months ago, I discovered this podcast and fell in love with it. This show has great conversations, stories, and experiences with such inspiring influencers. Love hearing about the journeys of the interviewees’ personal life, career, struggles, accomplishments, and plans for their respective passions and for the city of Philadelphia. It’s nice to hear about what wheels are turning to continuously keep our city growing.

Great find

Thoroughly enjoyed Julian Brodsky and his personal story of Comcast.

Lincoln elementary

I think you are great. I am from Lincoln Elementary school and I think you saw me before. I wore a neon green shirt with black letters. And sat in the front row. I literally love all of your videos I’ve seen all of them.

The proudest Philadelphian

I am so lucky to have found this podcast. Through Kevin’s interviews I’ve learned so much about so many people. The production is so polished and professional. Most importantly, I think, I find myself more and more proud of my city and its people with each episode I listen to. Thank you for bringing these stories and conversations to us.

A lifelong Philadelphian learns more!

I’ve lived in Philly my whole life, and I’m thankful to learn more about my city from Kevin’s funny, diverse, and inspiring interviews. If you love Philly, or want to learn more about the people that make this city so great, Philly Who is the podcast to listen to.

Even the dog likes it!

I have no idea who Kevin is and where he came from but I am so thankful he created this podcast. His interview style creates a seamless flow and the people and their stories never grow old. Finally a Philly Podcast I can’t stop talking about, just ask my co-workers. I listen while walking the dog. So thanks Kevin, from a fellow Philadelphian and her dog who likes the long walks. 👍

I am falling in Love with Philadelphia

Listening and watching the renaissance of Philadelphia and South Jersey males me wonder if I should have taken that job there instead of NY

soothing voice , great questions!

Love learning about the gems in our city ❤️

A local version of How I Built This

Podcast is amazing and very well produced. Kevin does a great job and has some amazing guests. Keep up the good work!


Forget the Philly component for a sec, this podcast is really well produced. The host is a great interviewer and asks really provoking questions. Being from Philly is a plus because you'll feel extra connected to the stories; but it's really great for anyone.

Best up and coming podcast in Philly

Great guests. Amazing voice. Awesome conversation. Kevin gets so many small details right. He operates the podcast in a very selfless way and makes it ALL about the interviewees. He really brings the best out in the people he interviews.

Good, thought-provoking interviews

Really interesting, engaging and funny interviews with a really cool and eclectic mix of guests. Definitely worth checking out. Looking forward to more!


An Excellent view in the hardest working city in America

If you dig Philly, you will DIG this.

Enough said. Finally a podcast that gives Philly and it’s inhabitants the credit that they deserve. Professionally produced and coordinated by Kevin Chemidlin, the interviews feature an eclectic group of Philly-based names that you’ll likely recognize even if you’re not from the area. Kevin’s a natural host who leads dynamic questions with people that have stories worth listening to. Stop reading, START LISTENING!

Time to head to Philly

I’ve only been to the city once but this podcast is giving me a completely different view rather than just a tourist’s perspective. It dives into the fabric of the city and the people that are weaving it.